The Team


After the Battle of Ideas, 'team 2' developed into the 'SunBarter' project team. We started as an interdisciplinary team of four Msc graduates, with diverse backgrounds and skills that serve the project's elements. However, in recent time, we are three team members.


Alalade Oluwaseyi (WUR) is a biochemistry major from her Bachelors and a graduate of biotechnology. With a knowledge of process engineering and biochemical techniques, she can evaluate food chain processes (energy and mass balances) from producer to consumer and conduct proper tests on the products produced, to ensure quality. In addition, as a native of a developing country (Nigeria), she has first-hand experience on major issues – whether policies, lack of elements for technology implementation or attitude of the people related to food loss within the country. Her knowledge can be applied within the project, not in Nigeria alone. These issues can be found in other African countries.

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Camilla Ponte (WUR) has a background in anthropology of development. In her studies she focuses on the social and technical dimensions of technology transfer, and has a major interest in  global food security.  She is acquainted with project planning methods, and would love to gain hands-on experience with implementation. While in Tanzania for an internship, she saw a few initiatives regarding the use of fruits drying methods: these inspired the group to use similar techniques transferred in a new context, for the current project.

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Marisol Amador (U Twente) has a background in Local Environmental Management. Bachelor thesis been focused on low cost techniques that could help smallholders of coffee plantations to reduce wastewater. This knowledge puts her in the position of making sure environmental standards are met. In March 2015 she graduated from her MSc in Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation with the main field of study in Geoinformatics. She will apply her knowledge and experience to design systems and tools for the acquisition, analysis and distribution of data for the current project. Msc thesis title: Mapping Multiple Pollutants at a Continental Scale.

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